ALL OUR PRODUCTS COME WITH A LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE . If you're not satisfied for any reason just let us know before the product expires and we will send you a refund.


All products are made in the United States of America.

Cruelty Free

Smartrskin Pledges to be cruelty free. We believe that animals should not suffer or die to test skin care products or skincare ingredients.


SmartRSkin is a Vegan-friendly skin care line that eliminates all animal-derived ingredients. In other words, vegan skincare is made from plants and minerals as well as safe synthetic ingredients.

Paraben Free

First off - WE DON'T USE THEM! Parabens are the most widely used preservatives in cosmetics and personal care products such as soap, moisturizers, shaving cream and underarm deodorant, according to the Food and Drug Administration. To get a bit science-y, parabens are esters (a compound formed from acid and alcohol) of p-hydroxybenzoic acid.

WHY ARE THEY BAD? Parabens are potential endocrine disruptors. “Endocrine disruption is basically the disruption of the normal function of the hormone system, and our hormone system drives all of the functions of our body", “So any alteration or disruption to the function of our body can alter growth, development, and reproduction, [and] brain function to state a few. ” Parabens specifically mimic the hormone estrogen and could thus interfere with the production of that hormone.